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Like the 4-toed statue, this page isn’t complete. I’m slowly creating tags for every cast and crew member, and character…as well as some more specific tags. I also cannot promise that I didn’t give some posts incorrect tags.

Caption - Mostly screen captures of the show, with the real dialogue. Also includes caps of other cast and crew videos.

Cast Photo

Cast Trivia - I’ve been digging up trivia on one cast member a day, and including photos, quotes and video; still in progress.

Comic - some pretty darn adorable and hilarious fan-made cartoons

Fan Creation - Includes art, photoshops, videos and more. Does generally NOT include picspams, screen captures or captions. And for any 815giggles original creations, see the “my creation” tag.

Follows - suggestions for kickass tumblrs to follow


Jimmy Kimmel - Lost sketches and cast interviews on his show

Mashup - anything that ties in with another TV show, movie or pop culture thingamajig. These are mostly fan creations, but includes several outside media Lost references.


Merchandise - mostly things that can actually be purchased at Cafe Press.

Mod Message - my own ramblings and announcements


My Creation - I cannot promise that these are too quality, but I try; does not include captions or picspams


Quotes: characters - just quotes that aired on the show. For quotes accompanied by screen captures, see the captions tag.

Quotes: Other - not quotes from THE Others, but some candid things said by the cast, crew and famous fans.

Sawyer Nicknames

Twitter - mostly Damon Lindelof’s tweets, but also a few cast member’s…and other celebrities mentioning Lost

Vertical - screen captures with humorous fake dialogue

Video - fan-made, interviews, behind-the-scenes, episode clips and more