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I feel very blessed for being a part of something that I think will really stand the test of time. I think Lost will continue to find new audiences generation after generation after generation, and in that way, it’ll be fun to watch when I’m 80 years old — some ten-year-old coming over and saying, “You’re the Man in Black?” “I was.” “

Titus Welliver

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Carlton Cuse: Ya know, doing time travel is a little like dating a beautiful girl. It's seems really attractive at first and really fun. And then, you discover that she's high-maintenance. Then, you discover that she's actually psychotic. But you can't extricate yourself from the relationship. It seemed really alluring at the beginning of the season; by the end of the season, phew - we just wanted to escape with our lives.
Damon Lindelof: Wouldn't it be great to call up that girl, and basically be like "hey, I've gotta break up with you." And she goes "what?!". And you go, "actually we've already broken up. And whatever happened, happened."

Yeah, I mean, unless he wants to be gay, which is totally cool with me. Either way. She was one of the only girls left on the island. So what are you gonna do — go for the polar bear?

Josh Holloway, on the start of Sawyer’s romance with Juliet

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JIMMY; Kate or Juliet?MATTHEW FOX; Both, at the same time.
Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, May 18, 2010 




JIMMY; Kate or Juliet?
MATTHEW FOX; Both, at the same time.

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, May 18, 2010 

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Evie’s pretty tight and fast, but Dom might fight dirty. You know, he’s a Manchester punk kid. Then again, she’s a girl. I don’t think he’d punch her. You know who would win? Whoever’s watching would win.

Jorge Garcia, on who would win in a fight between Dominic Monaghan and Evangeline Lilly

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Landscape, camaraderie, rainbows and taking some beatings.

Michael Emerson, on what he’ll remember most about Lost

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We like the idea of telling the truth about guys of a certain age. They drink heavily, have difficult relationships and can’t really run.

Michael Emerson, on his and Terry O’Quinn’s new show

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She kinda reminds me of that girl who murdered her father on Lost. Except cleaner.

my dad tonight, while watching Evie’s L’Oreal commercial

In many ways, Desmond is the guy that we identify with because he brought them to the island. So Penny represented our salvation too. The idea that there was a happy ending for this guy, so whenever we write Desmond episodes, there’s this real sense of identification. As much as we love Sawyer, I cannot identify with Sawyer in any way because he’s so much cooler than I am.

Damon Lindelof

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The English accent is pretty damn cute though. It makes anything sound intelligent. I really enjoy observing my British castmates, like Dom and Naveen. They can get so much mileage out of the accent, it’s ridiculous.

Maggie Grace

There’s so much I’m going to miss about it. Just going to work, being part of the show called “Lost.” Getting to play Desmond Hume, you know. When I read the other scripts that are coming in or stuff that I’m up for, nothing really compares. He’s such a rich character, it’s going to be hard to top.

Henry Ian Cusick

We’re like brothers and sisters; There are days when you want to thank them for being in your life, and there are days when you want to punch them in the face.

Evangeline Lilly, on her Lost co-stars

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Q: Describe your funeral.
Jorge Garcia: Shane MacGowan’s singing with the original Pogues. Then everyone climbs a seaside cliff, where they shoot my ashes from a cartoon cannon into the ocean. It makes a bigger mess than expected, which makes everybody go, “How appropriate.”
Q: Who gets what in your will?
Jorge: My sister gets it all, and then it goes to the highest bidder on eBay.
Q: So now that you’re minutes away from death, can you tell us what the hell is going on on Lost?
Jorge: Sorry, they can still get to me after death with that smoke thing in the woods.

I think this whole island is like a working machine, and it’s mobile, like the Death Star. And that one thing — the [hatch computer] button — keeps it from becoming the ultimate weapon. Or whatever.

Josh Holloway, in May 2006

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LOL Joshy <3

Not really a Sawyer-stuff but that’s just too awesome, lol.


LOL Joshy <3


Not really a Sawyer-stuff but that’s just too awesome, lol.

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