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I shot the last scene I’ll ever shoot with Terry O’Quinn the other night, and it was a moment of I-don’t-know-what. Something maybe irretrievable has flown away now.

Michael Emerson, in a May 13th interview

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I think Carlton or Damon said, “You’re going to die. But don’t worry, you’re not dead.”

Terry O’Quinn

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I really am AMAZED that what started out as some kidding-around on the set of LOST has turned into a network TV reality! I’m still reeling from this sudden turn of events. I’m an actor who has never even succeeded in testing for a pilot and here I find myself involved in a project custom-built for Terry and me! Can’t tell you how thrilling it is to be part of the Bad Robot family and enter into this exciting collaboration with Warner Brothers and NBC! Have we ARRIVED or what?! But best of all will be that day when Terry and I show up on the set of a brand new show, look around, shrug our shoulders and say “Let’s get started!” My fingers are crossed! (Did I use enough exclamation points? ha!)

Michael Emerson, in an email to Jeff Jensen about his new show (via fuckyeahlost)

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Stay Puff for Hurley. Mr. Clean for Locke. Slingshot Sally for Ben’s daughter, Alex. I came up with Sweet Cheeks for Shannon in the pilot. I also ad-libbed one they didn’t use. I called Ken Leung Ping-Pong when he had a grenade in his mouth!

Josh Holloway, on his favorite Sawyer nicknames

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