815 Giggles

The music of Lost

I was looking at the names of Michael Giachinno’s scores and many of them are pretty darn funny, including:

  • Run Like, Um…Hell?
  • Crocodile Locke
  • Thinking Clairely
  • Booneral
  • Shannonigans
  • All’s Forgiven…Except Charlie
  • Eko Blaster
  • Leggo My Eko
  • Here Today, Gone To Maui
  • Rushin’ The Russian
  • The Good Shepherd
  • Jintimidating Bernard
  • All Jack’ed Up
  • Naomi Phone Home
  • Flash Forward Flashback
  • Karma Jin-itiative
  • Nadia on Your Life
  • Of Mice and Ben
  • Keamy Away From Him
  • Your Kharma Hit My Dharma
  • I Hear Dead People
  • Sawyer Jones and The Temple of Doom
  • None The Richard
  • Sayid After Dentist
  • George Of The Concrete Jungle
  • Hugo Reyes of Light