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 flashingsmiles replied to your photo: Hurley: Dudes, wait! I heard. I heard what you’re…

what episode is this from :O

Greatest Hits. It’s right before the season 3 finale. :’)

After watching the 30 Rock live episode, I’m thinking there shoulda been a live Lost ep or 23

Just imagine:

  • live jears
  • live smoke monster
  • live “Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaalt! my son, my boy!”s
  • live flashbacks/flash-sideways/flash-forwards/time-flashes
  • live man-on-man flirtation
  • live slutty blue shirts
  • live Sayid Jarrah killing people with his ankles
  • live Nestor Carbonell not wearing eyeliner
  • live hot pocket tossing
  • live Jacob touching people
  • live dead Pakistanis on couches

I will leave you to ponder such glorious things.

Introducing…Theme Days of The Week!

I decided to try out something new. Each day will have a theme. This won’t mean that every - or even most - posts that day will be related to them theme, but that I’ll challenge myself to post at least 1 or 2 things that apply to it. And as always, I’ll happily except submissions! Sooooo, for now the themes are:

Jin & Sundays (self explanatory; or ya know what? maybe also some yummy Lost food creations too - to go along with sundaes)
Mashup Mondays (Lost mixed with any other show/movie/pop culture thingamajig)
Don’t Tell Me What I Can’t Post! Tuesdays (I often see some purdy Lost things to reblog that are particularly funny - unless Locke’s suicide gives you the lulz, for example. I usually avoid posting this, since they are relevant to my blog’s “mission”, but Tuesdays will be my chance.)
WTF Wednesdays (with Lost, this will pretty much be anything)
Why hello thur Thursdays (anything sexy)
Freighter Faradays (anything related to the evil Freighter folks, or the science team on board it)
Sawyer and Shephard Saturdays (James and Dr. Giggles lovefest - sometimes together)

After a few weeks, I’ll likely change this all….or even scrap the plan all together.


No Titus Welliver Cast Trivia?


Ahhh crap on a Jesus stick! I totally meant to do him earlier. And Kevin Durand (Keamy) too. Alright…look for those tomorrow.

Thanks for the reminder, dearest gray head!


Hi. The daily Cast Trivias are now complete.

I really liked having a daily feature…and am trying to think up a new one to start. Any suggestions? Talk to me, kids.

Muchas Gracias!

Oh. my. gosh.
Should I be all:

or all:

or maybe just:


Oh. my. gosh.

Should I be all:

or all:

or maybe just:




Uhhh…part of me is saying to myself “run, Jodi, run!”

but yes. I do.

Discussion time?

Has anyone named any of their possessions (such as their car, computer, stuffed animal, iPod, offspring, etc.) after a Lost character?

  • My car is Princess Consuela BananaHammock Linus Hume Jr. (also after Phoebe, from Friends)
  • My laptop is  Faraday-Frank-Feeny-Flenderson, AKA “Quadruple F” (Lost-Lost-BoyMeetsWorld-TheOffice)
  • My month-old mattress is apparently part of the “Widmore collection.” I was significantly freaked out when it was delivered to me and I noticed the name on the side.

Share you own?

nicebadass replied to your post: Josh Holloway to star in Dallas remake?

Is is it bad of me to not want this? I love Josh and I want him to go on and be a movie star or get his own series that isn’t a re-make and isn’t birthed from anything containing the words ‘soap’ and ‘opera’.

I’m just going to leave this comment here, because it’s exactly my thoughts too. :(

Oh…except that I would absolutely be okay with a “soap opera” that simply meant many musical shower scenes.

Oh sad…

After reblogging that Henry Ian Cusick and Nestor Carbonell photo, I realized that their characters never even had a scene together. Darn it. A meeting between the ageless man and the time-traveling brotha could have been epic. Richard would have made a perfect backup constant.

Or maybe the writers just avoided it as safety measure; all the hotness together would set TVs on fire.

Ohh and ditto Michael Emerson and Daniel Dae Kim. (Jin only met bb Ben)

…or maybe both of these pairings did meet, but my brain has just been Faraday-ed recently.


Cast Trivia Wrap-up

I had being posting my cast trivias in reverse alphabetical order, and today’s feature of Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (wooo! points to me for typing that name out…again), means that they are now complete. But I still have a few related posts planned for the next couple of days. Stay tuned.

Anyway, I didn’t mean to make it into a popularity contestant, but I’m highly amused by the results. For quite a while there, it looked like Madison would stack up the most number of notes (now at 82), which I found ridiculously awesome. But Jeremy Davies and Matthew Fox have now slightly edged her out (83 and 90). And poor Zuleikha Robinson is the unofficial loser (not surprising…since I bet many of you reading this are thinking “WHO?!”)

Here’s the full trivia list for anyone who is interested. You can also browse them all together here, and read a bit about how I compiled the each post here.

I hope that most of you have enjoyed them!

Why the heck is Evangeline Lily dating Dominic Monaghan???


Wellll I recently asked about it…and supposedly, she isn’t anymore.