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Evie’s pretty tight and fast, but Dom might fight dirty. You know, he’s a Manchester punk kid. Then again, she’s a girl. I don’t think he’d punch her. You know who would win? Whoever’s watching would win.

Jorge Garcia, on who would win in a fight between Dominic Monaghan and Evangeline Lilly

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Jorge Garcia & Lee Pace

This needs to be on my blog.



Jorge Garcia & Lee Pace

This needs to be on my blog.

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Q: Describe your funeral.
Jorge Garcia: Shane MacGowan’s singing with the original Pogues. Then everyone climbs a seaside cliff, where they shoot my ashes from a cartoon cannon into the ocean. It makes a bigger mess than expected, which makes everybody go, “How appropriate.”
Q: Who gets what in your will?
Jorge: My sister gets it all, and then it goes to the highest bidder on eBay.
Q: So now that you’re minutes away from death, can you tell us what the hell is going on on Lost?
Jorge: Sorry, they can still get to me after death with that smoke thing in the woods.


Jorge Garcia with Weezer - HE’S AWSOME. <3 (and a great singer too!).

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Jorge posted this to his blog, saying &#8220;it looks like my rocking hurts.&#8221;

Jorge posted this to his blog, saying “it looks like my rocking hurts.”

Jorge Garcia will guest star on HIMYM!

Dude! Jorge Garcia’s going to be a bro.

The Lost alum is set to guest-star on How I Met Your Mother, a show rep tells TVGuide.com.

Garcia will play Blitz, a college friend of Ted, Marshall and Lily, who has terrible timing, always leaving a room right before things get interesting. When Ted misses a Thanksgiving eve party that Blitz attended, he wonders if he’s now the bro with bad timing.

Garcia’s episode is slated to air in November.

This is the second guest spot Garcia has booked this week: He will also appear in Matthew Perry’s midseason ABC comedy Mr. Sunshine.



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When we started shooting that first summer before it aired, we were kind of excited because we knew we were doing a show that wasn’t like anything else. We were like, “Yeah no one’s doing a show that’s half in Korean in one episode.” We were crossing our fingers and hoping the audience would respond to it. We knew our pilot was pretty strong and then we waited to see if what we liked to watch would be the same thing that the country liked to watch.

Jorge Garcia

Jimmy Kimmel visits the season 1 set. Includes:

  • Foxy discussing his magical facial hair
  • Dominic creating a show theme song
  • Jimmy hitting on Evie
  • "Hey ladies, it’s Hurley time!"
  • Josh hitting on Jimmy