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Hi everyone. I’m able to log on now. Sorry to clog anyone’s dash with a parade of goodbyes. But yes, as my sister explained, I no longer will be posting. My cousin was injured a few months ago fighting in the Israeli Defense Forces, and I’ve since moved near Tel Aviv to help care for her. The internet service is rather unreliable, plus let’s face it - if I post even a little, I’ll get addicted and spend wayyyy too much time on here than I can afford right now. I’ll keep my tumblr posts all up, but I don’t plan to post anything new. Sorry!

But THANK YOU for the many hours and hours of entertainment you gave me during the summer months. I’m SO glad I discovered the glory that is Lost and that is this time-eater of a website. YA’LL ARE AWESOME. If I was Jacob, I would touch you, assign you a number and strand you in my apartment.

Ok. Bye.

  1. lilianlies said: missing you as much as I miss LOST, but I’m glad to hear (read) you and your cousin are doing well. See you in another life brotha!
  2. witch-butt said: It’s good to finally hear from you! I was honestly getting pretty worried about your situation! I want to wish you and your cousin the best as you help take care of her. I hope she heals well (and quickly!) and that the rest of your family is well!
  3. whiddlesmort said: See ya in another life brotha
  4. ooyu said: ZOMG TOUCH ME. we’ll miss you <3 take care.
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