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Discussion time?

Has anyone named any of their possessions (such as their car, computer, stuffed animal, iPod, offspring, etc.) after a Lost character?

  • My car is Princess Consuela BananaHammock Linus Hume Jr. (also after Phoebe, from Friends)
  • My laptop isĀ  Faraday-Frank-Feeny-Flenderson, AKA “Quadruple F” (Lost-Lost-BoyMeetsWorld-TheOffice)
  • My month-old mattress is apparently part of the “Widmore collection.” I was significantly freaked out when it was delivered to me and I noticed the name on the side.

Share you own?

  1. clairbeauchamp answered: My iPod is called LaFleur, if that counts.
  2. dramaticbubbles said: My iPod is named Benjamin (Linus) because I never know when I can trust it. Sometimes it says it has full power when it doesn’t, and sometimes it says it has no power yet it magically keeps going for me. And it’s pretty badass.
  3. clicktoseethings said: I hope it’s not too late for this ‘cause it’s nice to know I’m not alone: My laptop’s named Radzinsky. I hate that guy, but naming my laptop after him changed that for some reason
  4. dwreckrawbinz answered: My current ipod is labeled “The Lamp Post”. It isn’t fitting, but I need a name so I stuck with it.
  5. imgettinridoftheb answered: i have a cat named Linus. we call him Benjamin a lot
  6. hopelessfangirl said: My recently retired iPod’s named Hurley. On one Lost Wednesday, I was wearing my black-&-grey-striped shirt a la Charlie’s in the Pilot & a Hurley brand hoodie while listening to it and the battery died. I was sufficiently freaked out. /coolstorybro
  7. xelastarkly answered: My car is Barbara Gordon Jr. I think that’s all I’ve named, actually.
  8. karinanotcinerina answered: My friends have many WoW characters named after them. I have a jackalope named Hurley.
  9. ooyu answered: No.. getting a Lost quote engraved on my iPod though! but I would for sure name my goldfish Lapidus. ;)
  10. 823freckles said: Yes: my former laptop was named Clementine, after Sawyer’s daughter. My phone is named Jose III after a fanfiction version of Jack. Also, my dog is named Desmond. :)
  11. 823freckles answered: Yes: my former laptop was named Clementine, after Sawyer’s daughter.
  12. champagneandaccordions answered: my car’s name is Penny. i call our cat (who’s real name is Dino) Desmond
  13. castiowl answered: My laptop is Peter (from Heroes), my cell phone is Latika (from Slumdog Millionaire), my car is Galaxy (because her color is “Galactic Gray”)
  14. lbradz answered: My iPod is named Charlie. My laptop is named Linus.
  15. feelingsforfiction answered: My laptop is known as ‘Linus’ after Ben Linus. :D
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