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It's not that I don't trust your information (because I do) but I'm just wondering what your sources are for the Cast Trivia. I'm sorry if you've answered this before, so if you did, could you please point me in that direction? Thanks :)


Good question! I don’t mind at all. I use a variety of web sources - including Lostpedia, TV.com, imdb and wikipedia. However, I’m pretty weary of those sources and just use ‘em as a starting point for further research. Basic info, like birth place, I can usually trust….but other odder trivia I always google to find a more official article (such as a magazine, newspaper site, direct quotes) that’ll verify it. If I can’t find anything more on something a site claimed, I won’t post it. I also get trivia ideas by searching directly for official articles written on the cast members - not by fans, but by professional journalists. Entertainment Weekly, TV Guide, USA Today and Eonline have lots. Others I find through googling “cast member name, interview”. Oftentimes, the trivia items come directly from something that cast member said about the themself.

I imagine that some wrong info has slipped through, but I do my best to avoid it. If I have any doubt that something’s true, I won’t post it. And if anyone reads something that they think (or know) isn’t true, please feel free to message me. I’d love to know the truth, too!

I hope that makes sense and was helpful. :) And of course, I hope you’re enjoying the trivia.

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