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Are Dominic and Evie still together?

An anon just asked me this…and they basically read my brain. I’m wondering too…and tried searching online, but am getting mixed answers. I cannot keep up with these two kids and their shannigans. Anyone know?

  1. thedancewedo answered: Apparently she is dating Norman Kali, but I’m wondering, does anyone have a picture of this guy?
  2. glassysurface answered: umm did fuckyeahlost steal your TWSS chart and then go out of their way not to credit you? wtf?!
  3. gracerz answered: i heard not. there was reports as lost was finishing up shooting that she was dating a pa or producer or something
  4. noseastancruel answered: I’ve been asking myself the same question for a loooong time
  5. dearpadfootarchive answered: No. Evie has a new (ugly) boyfriend.
  6. captainscarletts answered: i ask everyone this, i’ve heard every answer there is, but have no proof towards any of them :/
  7. alwaysbeenwithyou answered: Nope, they split up in 2009 I’m pretty sure. Someone said that she was dating one of the LOST crew members now, but I’m not sure.
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