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Well hi there,

I’m pleasantly surprised to discover that I could log in. I hope everyone’s lives are flawless.

Anywho, in case you haven’t assumed, I won’t be coming back here. Sorry! I just don’t have the time or that intense passion anymore. However, I have been having fun blogging away an assortment of things at my personal tumblr. Perhaps I seem interesting enough for a follow. I did LOVE running 815giggles, but I LOVE the freedom of tumbling on about anything more.

Uhhhh…stay safe and away from magical light vagina-shaped caves?

- Jodi

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Hi everyone. I’m able to log on now. Sorry to clog anyone’s dash with a parade of goodbyes. But yes, as my sister explained, I no longer will be posting. My cousin was injured a few months ago fighting in the Israeli Defense Forces, and I’ve since moved near Tel Aviv to help care for her. The internet service is rather unreliable, plus let’s face it - if I post even a little, I’ll get addicted and spend wayyyy too much time on here than I can afford right now. I’ll keep my tumblr posts all up, but I don’t plan to post anything new. Sorry!

But THANK YOU for the many hours and hours of entertainment you gave me during the summer months. I’m SO glad I discovered the glory that is Lost and that is this time-eater of a website. YA’LL ARE AWESOME. If I was Jacob, I would touch you, assign you a number and strand you in my apartment.

Ok. Bye.


Less dramatically, as i'm going crazy with curiosity, why will Jodi not be back? :(


OH SHIT. Well, Jodi is developing a new TV show staring Terry O’Quinn and Michael Emerson. Does that help ease the pain a little bit?

In all seriousness, to make the story super-super short - a family member in Israel suffered an injury, and Jodi is now living there (with terribly unreliable internet).

P.S. Sorry if I’m doing this wrong. I’ve never tumblr-ed before.

Hi everyone! My sister, Jodi, used to run this account…and has just informed me that it is spamming. She is currently abroad and unable to sign on. She is very sorry to have unexpectedly terminated her posting; it’s a long boring family story.

Anyway, she most likely will not be back. Sorry. I know she used to looooove Tumblr and all the wonderful people on it, but it’s out of her hands. Please feel free to reblog things…and if you have any messages, I will try to relay them to her.

And just so this is Lost related…here dudes, have a number:




Oh hello.

I finally arrived back home earlier today…and should be able to post a bit tomorrow. :)


It seems like I’ll be away (and therefor, this tumblr won’t have any new posts) for even longer than expected. Likely at least another week. I’m very sorry!

And thanks to all my wonderful followers who sent me kind wishes. You’re very sweet.

from episode 2-14: Lockdown

from episode 2-14: Lockdown


Malcolm David Kelley and Harold Perrineau at the Scream Awards. Walt and Michael finally reunited. [via lostdogs20]


Malcolm David Kelley and Harold Perrineau at the Scream Awards. Walt and Michael finally reunited. [via lostdogs20]

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from tonight’s Spike TV Scream Awards

from tonight’s Spike TV Scream Awards

I feel very blessed for being a part of something that I think will really stand the test of time. I think Lost will continue to find new audiences generation after generation after generation, and in that way, it’ll be fun to watch when I’m 80 years old — some ten-year-old coming over and saying, “You’re the Man in Black?” “I was.” “

Titus Welliver

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